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New version of EduSec 3.0.0 released specially for single school, college and institute.

On 2014-10-04 - By Girish Prajapati

Rudra Softech is  pleased to announced that  we have released new version of EduSec 3.0.0 specially for single school, college and institute.

Following are the modules in Open source community version:

        1) Manage Single Institute / School / College information
        2) Master Configuration
        3) Employee Information
        4) Student Information
        5) Course Management
        6) User Management
        7) Document Management
        8) Reset users login credentials
        9) Report center
      10) Fees Management
      11) Login History

Download community version from

For demo of community version visit
Admin user:
    Password: admin

Note: Free EduSec iOS & Android apps will be released next month

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