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About Us

Rudra Softech was founded in 2010 with primary focus on enterprise recourse planning solutions, especially college management system however we have been in the software service industry since 2012 and offers a wide range of software development skills, spanning many industries. Today we are well established company in the software segment of the IT market. Currently, over 20 talented employees work for Rudra Softech and reasonable number of happy clientele.

We Specialize In:

University management solutions, corporate training and a comprehensive range of services for software development and support, e-commerce and content management systems. Immediately after coming to Rudra Softech, the customer begins working with a personal manager, who is a single contact point and a person in charge of cooperation with the customer company.

We Know How To:

  • Make operation of software development efficient.
  • Protect IT products and solutions against external or internal threats.
  • Operate software and hardware in a correct way.
  • Save on a company’s IT assets.
  • Meet international standards.
  • Be aware of emerging products and technologies in current IT market.

Rudra Softech provides comprehensive advice and optimal solutions in:

  • Business consulting (University ERP solutions).
  • Open source technologies (e.g. PHP) and related products (e.g. YII framework).
  • E-commerce and CMS (e. g. Magento, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal)
  • Information security.
  • Freeware and Linux-based solutions.
  • Corporate Training with a focus on technology.

Business principles:

  • Leadership and high quality level 
  • Be the stable but consistently growing company in key areas of our business. We must be the leader in software solutions and all additional IT-services. Moreover we have to provide all services on a higher than our competitors' level.

  • Efficiency and Motivation 
  • Offers best possible professional conditions and development opportunities for our employees.

  • Marketing 
  • Active marketing position; Customer-Orientation.

  • Agility and Innovations 
  • Rudra Softech is a speedily developing and innovation-oriented company. Operation in the IT market is impossible without innovations. We have invested heavily on innovative R&D projects.

  • Reliability, Stability, Fair Dealing 
  • Act fairly and trust-based partnership with vendors, customers and employees. We do understand and recognize that IT market is a market of long-term relations.

  • Socially Responsible Business
  • We recognize that every organization has a special responsibility; our business is founded on a belief in the potential of our customers and community - a belief that motivates our people to do the right thing, be authentic and respectful, work together and create value through excellence.