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How to choose right PHP framework for your Project

On 2014-12-26 - By Amit Gupta

Before you can decide on PHP framework for your project you should first knows its needs, requirements, and little about the development team work behind the scenes.


There are three main FAQ to...

Sixth Sense Technology

On 2014-12-26 - By Jalpa Patel

Blog on Sixth Sense Technology

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An Introduction to Yii Framework

On 2014-12-26 - By Janvi Kapopara


How to create custom crud generator templates in Yii2-gii?

On 2014-12-17 - By Hiren Bhut

If you want to apply your new template for default gii crud generator, want to make your own gii crud.

Follow the steps given below:

Create a folder 'EduSec' in your 'yii2application/vendor/yiisoft/yii2-gii/generators/crud/'

1. Create a folder wit...

Shortcode in wordpress

On 2013-06-10 - By Ravi Thanki

Short code is a simple set of functions for creating macro codes for use in post content.
The `add_shortcode () ` function is used to register a short code handler. It takes two parameters: the short code name (the string used in a post body), and the callback function name.


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